Learning to Spey Cast


Learning or improving your Spey casting need not be a difficult and frustrating experience. Like many sporting techniques, Golf and Tennis included you wont learn and master all there is to know in a morning. That said I could give a complete Novice enough information and technical understanding that with some practice on their part they will be able to fish safely from both sides of the river. This will include understanding the importance of safe casting under differing wind directions and which casts to use in both up and downstream winds.

For Intermediate casters I can significantly increase your awareness of what goes into making efficient and effective Spey casts and give you a structured learning plan to work with. Once at this stage the need for self-diagnosis is even greater and I can give you the knowledge to do this yourself.

For Advanced casters there are times when you just can’t see what it is that you're not getting quite right. This is the fine-tuning and can sometimes pay the greatest dividends to getting your casting just right. I can identify areas in your cast that might need just a little tweak which otherwise you would be oblivious to. Sessions at this level rarely need to be longer than a couple of hours.

I have found from teaching many clients that a 2 hour lesson is about right to cover the basics or learn a new cast, it is possible to extend these lessons by the hour if you wish. Please contact me for my availability and prices using the details on the Contact Me page, the sooner you start the sooner you will improve. You can also contact me, as well as finding out all you need to know about Atlantic salmon fishing by visiting my interactive discussion forum at;

Salmon Fishing Forum https://rush-essays.com/