Why Modern Spey Casting?

In less than a generation there have been significant changes and improvements made in fly rod and line design as well as manufacturing techniques. These changes and improvements are most certainly for the better. We now have lighter and more responsive rods, reels capable of handling the most terrific stresses and a whole range of modern line systems that cover every salmon fishing situation.These are things that less than 20yrs ago we could only dream of.

With these advancements has came in my opinion a whole range of new problems for the salmon angler / spey caster to consider and overcome.

  • What's the difference between fast, medium and slow actioned rods?
  • What type of rod action will best suit my natural style?
  • Why do we have all these different head length spey lines?
  • What head length should my spey line have?
  • Which spey lines match which rods?
  • What is this Scandinavian 'Underhand' style I keep hearing about?
  • What are 'Shooting Heads'
  • What is Skagit casting and what are the benefits?

These are just a few of the questions I hear on a daily basis from both old and new salmon anglers. Teaching techniques have moved on significantly in the last 20yrs to embrace the new materials and technology we now have at our disposal. Sadly many salmon anglers are still using the old methods that were taught by the Instructors of that day and to some degree they still work with the older style of salmon rods. The problem is however that most modern salmon rods do not respond well to the lines and techniques of yesteryear. This is where the need to learn about Modern Spey Casting comes in.

Modern Spey Casting uses the latest and most efficient techniques to enable you to cast effortlessly time after time, day after day. There is no need for Spey casting to be tiring, even when fishing fast sinking lines, what you need paper help us is an understanding of modern tackle and today's techniques. In essence its all about Modern Spey Casting and this is where I can help you.