What people have said about Modern Spey Casting



Alan Maughan is one of the most proficient fly casters, and certainly one of the best teachers of fly-casting that I have ever encountered. I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Alan for fly casting Instruction. I find him to be a highly professional, polite, friendly, especially observant, knowledgeable and helpful person.  When it comes to pin pointing exactly what is going on within a cast, spotting and correcting faults, and relating clear explanations he has few equals. His ability to explain from his own very perceptive observation and his teaching experience, certain principles and interactions of line, rod, water and caster is masterful.  My own interaction with him allowed me to better understand certain aspects of fly-casting practice and teaching.

Robert Gilliespie, APGAI, Ireland



I have had the pleasure of fishing with Alan Maughan this year. He is one of the best casters that I have seen and effortlessly throws a beautiful line time and again no matter the conditions, turning over the fly with pinpoint accuracy. Having had the benefit of his casting tuition throughout this year I simply cannot recommend him highly enough. He is very friendly, patient, and can assess faults very quickly explaining very well what is going wrong, but more importantly showing you how to quickly put it right. Although I have been casting a fly now for over 30 years I had been brought up on the Falkus/Oglesby styles, my casting has now came on in leaps and bounds. Personally I couldn't think of a better man for the job, give him a shout he'll sort you out!
Barry Nichols, Corbridge.



Alan's approach to instruction was exactly what Iwas looking for. With a full day to spend, Alan listened to what I wantedto achieve and structured a day that allowed a complete beginner with thedouble handed rod to come away with the confidence to not only cast a decentline but also an understanding of how to actually fish for salmon. Hismethod of teaching is relaxed and uncomplicated and yet he quickly gives you aclear understanding of the key principles of each of the appropriate casts. With the basics covered and the casts going out far better than I dared hope,Alan was just as effective giving me good practical advice on how toeffectively fish the fly through a variety of water. The fact that Iended my day having hooked, played and landed a 10lb sea-liced salmon istestament to Alan's abilities and even if your day doesn't end quite asspectacularly you will have an enjoyable and informative time in goodcompany and beautiful surroundings!
Andy Flemming, Glasgow



I have had casting tuition from Alan and was very pleased with the service that he provides. A very friendly relaxed atmosphere and the way he explains the various casts and breaks them down is so easy to understand. Thanks to Alan my casting is 100% better and I feel more confident going fishing.
Steve Smiley, Whitby



I have been Spey casting for 8 years and have picked up some bad habits in that time. My lesson with Alan highlighted the small changes that I needed to make to improve my overall casting. A small change in the right place made a big difference. It’s hard to analyse your own casting but Alan did a great job of this and pointed me in the right direction. It was an enjoyable time that was informative, relaxed and tailored to my needs. I now have a better understanding and a solid foundation to build on which will give me more confidence and enjoyment when I am on the river.
Dave Wilmot, Lancs



I would not hesitate to recommend Alan to anyone. When you see what he can do with a fly rod! He makes it look so effortless. He is also a genuine guy with a good sense of humour, something I think is important when being taught something.

I had a great day, money well spent.
Paul Townsend, York



For anyone who would like to improve their Speycasting or perhaps to learn the modern Spey casts, address any casting difficulties that you may have, or even find out which rod and line combination best suits your type of casting, then I can thoroughly recommend a day spent with Alan Maughan

Alan, who has a genuine passion for his subject, teaches a modern, efficient method of Spey casting and through his tuition he will also help you achieve this in your casting. Perhaps even more importantly Alan excels in providing instruction and teaching, breaking each cast into its component parts and showing you how to optimise each of them to enhance your own Spey casting experience

Using easy to practice, sometimes novel teaching methods, Alan will develop a program that suits your casting needs from complete beginner, through improving intermediate to expert anglers who want to improve their basic technique or add to their repertoire of casts.

You will enjoy a day on the river with Alan Maughan
Alan Morrison, Scotland



My girlfriend and I recently spent a day will Alan to work on our Spey casting skills. It was Natasha’s firstattempt at casting a double-handed rod, whereas I have been salmon fishing fora couple of years. I am pleased to report that by the end of the day she wasputting out a decent line via both a single Spey and a Snake Roll. My techniquehad also improved no end – the focus of the day for me was working on using mybottom hand more effectively as opposed to ‘pushing over’ with my top hand.

Alan also helped with balancing mytackle. He advised me that my rod was underlined and suggested that I borrowone of his 10/11 lines as opposed to the 9/10 I was using on my 9/10 rated rod!This was a revelation and has subsequently made a huge difference to mycasting.

Alan is a great instructor; he is calm and easygoing and has a very relaxed yet effective teaching style. Natasha and I both really enjoyed the day we spent with him. In addition, he is a font of knowledge on the various salmon rivers in the surrounding area and was able to suggest different beats on the Tyne that we could fish.

I have no hesitation in recommending Alan; he is a great instructor and a really nice guy!
Jon Pratt, Reading